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Starship Cruise Line | 1650 SE 17th St Ft Lauderdale FL 33319 USA.  888 611 4078 


888 611 4078

We are so happy to welcome you aboard the cruise of your life -  this is no cruise for your Mom or Dad - do the family trip next year!!!   You've been working hard all semester in college, or your boss said  "Great job on that report - Take a Vacation!!" or it is time to get all the girls together for a Girl's Trip.

We will sail from Montego Bay, every Friday and Monday afternoon,  around the beautiful island of Jamaica.  We've got 3 night, 4 night cruises.  So you can have a land and sea vacation in Jamaica. - StarShip will move to the Caribbean in November 2017 - 

For Summer 2018 StarShip will be in the beautiful Mediterranean.  Ibiza, Mykonos, Malta, Split, Barcelona all of the cool places to get the sun and party.   So come on board and have a great summer in the Mediterranean.  Stand-by for itineraries that will begin in April 2017 in the Mediterranean. 

We make it easy -  all your travel can be in one package - we have our own airline partners that will fly to your local international airport and fly you down to Jamaica.   Just ask about our Fly & Cruise packages.  Need a hotel?  Got It !  ALL YOU NEED FOR A GREAT VACATION.

Everyday is an adventure on StarShip's M/V Adriana -  parties and games - beer pong, quarters, make a rule, kings cup, flip cup, socials, waterfalls,high / low, steal a bottle, drunk tank, booze your turn, and pour in drink cup. 

We keep it safe - allowing everyone to have fun - keep it cool. Our on-board team is the best in making sure that "NO means NO" in a cool and respectful way.  Got it!!!  

The food - it's the best and it's continuous!  We know that after a night of dancing and partying you might want to sleep-in, so guess what "Breakfast All Day"  get pancakes and bacon any time.  Want something more - Ok to the buffet we go - wow this is crazy, all the different meats, rices, pasta, fresh fruit, deserts. A salad bar to die for!!  Want some au jus with that carved roast beef sandwich, or how about you tell the Chef what you want on your pizza and create something amazing. 

Ok - let's talk about the sleeping arrangements - you can get a cabin for 2 or 3 or 4 - so form your group (or do your couple thing - it's all good).  Or tell us  "Hey - give me a bed in the dorm I'm running single!" We'll say "Cool, you have it!"  or if you are one of those trust-fund kids (Yea you know who you are!!!) get yourself a VIP suite, only 7 - so you better grab one quick.